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High School

At this educational level, students reinforce the development of competencies that help them achieve a successful college life.

We encourage students to potentialize their leadership, to participate in various extracurricular events, to live together with young people from other schools, and start facing the world that awaits them.

They have the opportunity to credit their knowledge and skills by getting certified in English and technology, and participating in various academic and sporting competitions.

We foster in our students the responsible exercise of freedom, because we know it is one of the most potentialized faculties at their age. However, we consider discipline is still key to the development of persons of integrity. 

The individual and professional success of our students will be the fruit not only of what they have learned academically, but of the solid spiritual and human formation they have received. In doing so they will be ready to confront, and even change, the world.

  High School 7:00 a.m.  2:30 p.m. 

They can be purchased at school or on the site of Ezetera