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Spiritual and values formation

Knowledge and skills are worth little if they are not supported by the discovery of values and education in virtues. That is why, in our school we carry out activities that help children learn about virtues, how to evaluate them, how to live them, and how to transmit them, in a usual, firm and committed manner, depending on their age and level of development. We seek to motivate students with examples of actions, for them to live the virtues steadily,inside and outside school, making them part of their life.

As an important part of human formation, we look for sensitizing students about the importance of helping those in need. Our system provides them with activities for helping others, according to their age; by doing it so, we seek to complement their human and spiritual formation.

Students are formed in respect, charity, equality, generosity, nobility, humility and justice, in order to promote among them the true happiness that is born of love and helping people in need.

We foster a solid spiritual formation, through which our students feel the joy of knowing Jesus and Mary. This knowledge and closeness with God helps them realize what is really important in life, they are made aware of the reality of today’s world and develop a sense of transcendence in assisting others.

We have the support of priests and consecrated men and women, to guide and assist in spiritual formation and in forming each of our students and their families in values.

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