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Torneo de la Amistad

Sports are essential for integral development. In addition to enhancing physical coordination, they help foster different values, such as perseverance, teamwork, and the willingness and the desire to be better each day.

“Torneo de la Amistad” is the scholastic sports competition with the largest number of participants in Latin America. It represents, for parents and students, a great opportunity to participate in a healthy fraternization, and to know other students, families and create a bigger community

In order to achieve an enriching coexistence during the Tournament, the Virtues Program that children carry in their school is applied during the event. In this way, each day a virtue –such as charity, friendship, respect and generosity, is highlighted for participants to experience.

Over 7,000 athletes from the Semper Altius School Network participate each year in track and field, basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, softball, tae-kwon do, chess, tennis, and volleyball.